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"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I can't thank Paulette enough for creating this. So much has changed since completing the 90 Day Culture Accelerator..."
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We are trusted across a range of industries and deliver tailored HR & Business strategies to more than 50 different sectors.
Kelly - Keeping up with growth
"We work with Paulette for anything to do with people within our business. She is highly trusted and reliable."
Toby - 400+ staff and navigating HR minefields
"Things are more efficient and done with speed when working with Bespoke HR. Being a larger organisation, it's important we get things right, and we can rely on Paulette for all of our HR needs."
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Kirsty - Smashing 5 year goals in just 12 months...

"Our strategic planning session that we had with Paulette set some clear short- and medium-term goals for the business and gave us focus and drive to achieve those aims. We were so successful with implementing some of those strategies that we smashed our 5 year goal in less than 12 months."

Director - Discount Party Supplies
Brett - Muddle your way through, or get correct advice

Choosing to use Paulette and Bespoke HR is like choosing to use an external Accountant or Bookkeeper for the first time……you can probably muddle through it yourself but if you get it wrong, it will cost you a lot of money and time.

CEO, Pride Advice
Kelly - Growing without the growing pains

As our business started to really flourish, we knew there'd come a time where we'd need to do a sizeable onboard of new staff. Working with Paulette gave us everything we needed to cope with the change, from templates, contracts, compliance checklists to personality testing and recruitment strategy.

Managing Director, Edible Blooms
Kim - Building a better culture

I run three companies, all in allied health & aesthetics, with varying challenges in staff management and culture issues. I had the opportunity to spend a day with Paulette, and bring one of my senior managers along. It was fantastic, and got us thinking about how we can do things better, and foster a better company culture. For anyone needing any help in any aspect of HR and team performance, Paulette really knows what she's talking about.

Manager, The Drip Club Co
We were very impressed and very fortunate to work with Paulette. The last 12 weeks has opened up new ideas for our company, and I found having the ongoing support from Paulette worth its weight in gold. We are working on building out our own Culture Code, and ready to hit the ground running, with over 100 new hires in the coming months."
Daniel, Founder of Best Body Physio & Pilates
"Choosing to work with Paulette and Bespoke HR is like choosing to use an external accountant or bookkeeper for the first time… you can probably muddle through it yourself, but if you get it wrong, it will cost you a lot of money."

BRETT, CEO Pride Advice

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I can't recommend this program enough. Originally, I wasn't sure exactly if it was right for our particular organisational needs, as we were already doing okay, but since completing the 90 Days, our entire organisation has done a complete 360, we've implemented many strategies, and seen the effects of that.
Deb, Senior Manager at TACSI
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