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+ DEFINE your big vision.
+ ATTRACT rockstar talent.
+ MANAGE with inspiring leadership.
+GROW your business with confidence.
A guided online learning experience.
The 90 Day Culture Accelerator is an online self-paced digital program that covers 12 key modules of culture building. Each module has three 20x minute sessions that can be completed in your own time, with accompanying slides and workbooks.
Why is Culture so important?
Often "culture" is overlooked in strategic planning and business development, however it is absolutely critical to any personal or business success. Here are some of the amazing benefits a positive, and values based culture can create for your business.
When you build a positive culture, the right people will stick around, because they WANT to. When people enjoy coming to work, they are more productive, efficient, and in turn HELP you build the culture you want.
No matter how great your star performer is, a bad culture can very quickly drive away key players, or change their behaviour. Don't let this happen to you.
No matter how much you try and hide internal issues or problems, key stakeholders and customers can be quick to catch on to a negative business environment.
When you know exactly what type of culture you want to develop, and go about doing that, it makes it really easy to quickly know who is a fit for your business and who isn't.
Ever felt like you have a different personality at work as opposed to home, or with your family? Feel like you're wearing a mask? This is usually a sign of a culture built on a lack of values that are important to you. Knowing how to build a positive culture has to begin with YOU, and what you do and don't stand for.
Shiny Object Syndrome is common in business owners. It's when an enticing, quick win takes your eye off the prize and distracts from your big picture goals, taking you completely off course! With a robust culture, this will no longer happen and you'll find yourself getting to your goals quicker.
  • An online, self-paced 12 module program that covers critical areas of culture development.
  • 3x sessions per module approximately 20 minutes long.
  • Time Investment - recommended 1-3 hours per week for content + workbook exercises & reflections.
  • Module 11 will require you to develop a full overview encompassing learning modules - "The Culture Code" document.
  • Check-ins via phone or email available to discuss progress.
  • Receive over 30 templates / tools across the program to implement in your own business & processes.
  • Gain access on any device and new modules unlocked every 7 days.

Benefits of the program
  • Develop leadership skills in line with future requirements.
  • Get in front of people trends coming into workplaces and learn how to get on top of them.
  • Discover how to build high performing, productive, engaged teams.
  • Foster entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and problem solving.
  • Discover processes and habits of effectively communicating collaboratively across business areas.
  • Provides useful strategies and tools to receive immediate benefit and impact in both personal and professional lives.
  • Discover how to get more done in less time and achieve greater success.
  • Develop a high level of self-awareness by defining personal leadership and success definitions and providing insight into your key strengths and areas for development.

What's included
  • SUPPORT - Weekly email accountability and support sessions, opportunities to share key takeaways and receive feedback.
  • HIGH GROWTH STRATEGY SESSIONS -36 high growth tools & strategies delivered over 90 Days in a step-by-step format, delivered at a formulated speed.
  • VIP COMMUNITY - Connection and support is paramount to your achievement in the program. You'll have exclusive access to our private 90 DCA Facebook Group.
  • WEEKLY TRAINING - Weekly Tribe Training with opportunities to connect with other members and get feedback on your progress.
  • TOOLS + TEMPLATES - Take the guesswork out of culture building and doing it on your own. We provide a range of structured blueprints and bonus materials to equip you for success.
  • WORKBOOKS - Every module has a simple, effective, downloadable workbook to address key issues that are relevant to you.
  • First week requires you to overview your business, goals, and get an understanding of what your starting point is.
  • Total program hours = 36 hours online training.
  • Module 11 = additional 2 hours of work + submission to Paulette for overview - The Culture Code document.
  • Self-paced. Up to your discretion to complete all modules in your own time, however we recommend completing 1x module per week over a 90 day sprint.
  • Email weekly check-in and weekly reflection - send a few dot points to Paulette about key take-aways, learnings, and insights.

About Paulette & Bespoke HR
Building profitable & enjoyable businesses.
Sometimes referred to as the 'People Doctor', Paulette Kolarz is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading authorities in Human Resource Management and is extremely passionate about partnering great HR platforms and strategies with effective and ongoing Leadership and Management Development.

Having been awarded the Telstra Business Women of the Year, The Pricewaterhouse Coopers Young Business Women of the Year and the Hudson Private and Corporate Business Women of the Year in South Australia, she has spoken to thousands of people on the topics of effective leadership, maximising individual and team potential, productivity, effective human resource strategies and HR trends to name a few.

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