What's your Culture Score?
Take the assessment to find out how your rate.
of staff say they're engaged at work.
How committed and invested are your staff in your business?
of staff say they don't trust their boss.
Employees rate senior management and leadership as lacking transparency.
of leaders say they don't know how to manage poor performance.
Managers note teams aren't operating at the highest standard.
Get clear.
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Areas we'll cover
1. DREAM - Define your vision, mission & values
2. COMPARE - Benchmark your business
3. LEAD - What's your leadership capacity?
4. MAXIMISE - Develop your workforce plan
5. CREATE - Identify your employer brand
6. RECRUIT - Understand your recruitment process
7. SUCCEED - Onboarding & employee experience
8. COMMUNICATE - Develop an open feedback culture
9. PERFORM - Managing performance & productivity
10. DEVELOP - Team dynamics & behaviours
11. BUILD - Leave a legacy & create your culture code
12. INNOVATE - Think big & plan for the future
13. CONNECTIVITY - How connected your employees are
Understand your blindspots.
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