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Over the next 90 days you'll gain access to 12 key areas of culture development.
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How to get started.
Complete the Culture IQ Score Assessment
What in your culture is not currently working? What can be done better? Is there a gap between where you're currently at and where you want to be? The Culture IQ Score measures your performance and progress across 13 key areas of business & culture. From there you will get a comprehensive review of your business and areas of opportunities and room for improvements.
Check what areas will benefit.
There will be parts of the program that will highly resonate and connect with your current circumstances and level of business. What season is your business in? Do you need support in leadership training? Personal development? Recruitment? Incentivising and rewarding your top performers? Check out the program outline above and identify which areas you need support in.
Start the first module.
The first couple of modules will thoroughly assess why your business exists and what value you provide. It will help you to zoom in and identify critical areas for improvement, and then zoom out to connect your current situation to your long term goals.
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