Master the foundations of Management
Effectively managing your team has never been more important than it is right now.
Manage powerfully through uncertain times.
The BespokeHR Management Acceleration Program will show you how to step up during challenging times, balance company requirements with team member expectations and achieve greater levels of performance and productivity.
Are your ready to step up and be the manager and leader your team needs right now?

Building your management muscles properly will determine your level of success with your team.

This means being really comfortable with the foundations of management and building not only the core skills but the routines and habits around them to have meaningful and effective communication with your team.

Over six weeks, you will learn how to...
1 - Create possibilities
Learn ways for you and your team to think outside the box that can help not only determine how your team faces problems but how to continually review your business, processes and opportunities to respond to market conditions. Pivoting within your business, products or services is a skill that can be learnt and developed.

2 - Develop razor sharp focus
Understanding clearly what is critical and what will deliver results is fundamental to your overall success. This includes being able to make decisions quickly and ensuring that you have the right plan in place that your team are onboard with.

3 - Build accountability
Review the required standards, values and measures of success in order to build accountability and connection to them. Understand your mission, required outputs and how you and your team want to achieve them.
4 - Establish open feedback
Provide an environment where everyone feels safe to provide feedback, share how they are feeling and not be deterred to offer new ideas or suggest improvements.
5 - Humanise performance reviews
Understand how to develop your approach and commence a performance improvement process that empowers your team and is compliant. This can be the difference between retaining and nurturing a team member's potential, and disengagement.
6 - Motivate teams
Keeping yourself motivated and finding consistent rhythms around rewarding and recognising your team is critical to building connectivity, trust and a positive workplace environment. Also critical to this is understanding when you or your team are demotivated or flat and what you can do to turn this around.

Inspire your team to take a leap into the unknown and thrive.
This program is perfect for front line managers responsible for people who want to build engaged, performing, enjoyable teams that are passionate about delivering the vision, mission and values for your company.
How it works
Start the program
Join a group of passionate leaders who want to be the best managers they can be.
New sessions every week
Each week a new session will be unlocked which includes a coaching session, workbook and action-based exercises.

Allocate time to commit
Allow 90 minutes each week to go through the video and questions in the workbook and implement any actions. Weekly you will be asked to send through your key takeaways and actions which will be followed up each week to see how you have gone.

Access workbooks, resources and support
You can access the Management Acceleration platform during the 6 weeks where you will have access to your sessions, and a range of tools and workbooks. You will also have access to a Facebook Group where you can share any learnings, questions or comments and/or interact with other participants.

Are you ready
to level up?
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This program is for leaders wanting to nail their management fundamentals to step up to the challenges and changes happening in the current business climate.
Here's what you'll take away with you...
Powerful management strategies
During catastrophic times, managers need to step up and build confidence in team members. The Management Acceleration Program will show you how to do this.
Clarifying your standards and focus areas
The best way to get your team onboard is to take them on the journey and provide super clear expectations of success (but they need to be defined first).
Identify and nurture your team's anxieties and worries
During times of change and uncertainty, your team may be feeling a mixture of emotions. Learn how to open up lines of communication and feedback, build connectivity, transparency and connection.
Build your confidence around managing people issues
Have open discussions with team members around their performance and fit. Your job as a leader is to grow your team to be the best they can be (as well as also identify and address team members who are not a good fit).
"Paulette's advice has been well informed and practical. She is professional yet empathetic. Her technical and moral support in managing issues has helped us grow our organisational culture."
Tim Hughes - CEO, HUGHES PR
About your coach
Paulette Kolarz is a triple award winning people & performance coach, and is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading authorities in Human Resource Management. She is passionate about partnering great people and strategies with effective and ongoing Leadership and Management Development.
How is this program different?
The Management Acceleration Program has been specifically designed taking some of the best parts out of our 90 day program and adding in some new tools and templates that will provide immediate value to help you navigate your way through the new workplace environment that is forming.
How much time should I allocate?
We recommend you put aside 90 minutes per week to go through the video and workbook sent Friday prior to Wednesday session and allow up to 60 minutes on the Wednesday for any queries/questions.
Will I have ongoing access to program content? What if I miss a session?
The program is delivered over 6 weeks. Each week you will have access to the new module. The Zoom live sessions will be delivered each Wednesday at 8:30am Adelaide time. You will have access to the modules until 31 November.
What kind of support will I get?
You will have direct access to Paulette via email to cover any course content, access to the Bespoke HR VIP group and a group coaching session each week on the Zoom Live. We're here to support you in succeeding during these times, so any question you have won't go unanswered.
What if I'm already a Bespoke HR client?
Email and let Paulette know you are interested in joining the program. If you are on any of BespokeHR's retainer programs, you may be eligible for complimentary access. Our monthly retainers are a great way of working with Paulette and the team on an ongoing basis.
How much is the Management Acceleration Program?
$499 + GST