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Uplift Team Morale
Get your team excited about working for your organisation. All it takes is the right communication and having them know they are heard and valued.
Get Clear On Your Vision
Do you have a clear vision for what the organisation looks like in the next 3 years, 5 years and beyond?
Set Staff Goals
Work alongside staff to set goals in the way THEY want to set goals. Get clear on what it is they want, and how they feel they contribute to the business.
Conduct Powerful, Productive Meetings
In less than 20 minutes, you can have all of your staff working together on one clear vision.
Get Staff Working In Harmony
With the right communication strategies, ensure all of your staff are working together, and keep each other accountable on key tasks and standards.
Reach New Standards.
Get clear on what you will accept, and won't accept in your business. Identify areas in which you have room for improvement and effectively communicate that with your staff.
60 minutes
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I can't recommend Paulette's programs enough. I did the 90 Day Culture Accelerator, and originally, I wasn't sure exactly if it was right for our particular organisational needs, as we were already doing okay, but since completing the 90 Days, our entire organisation has done a complete 360, we've implemented many strategies, and seen the dramatic positive effects of that.
Deb, Senior Manager at TACSI
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